Gemmological Laboratory Services

IDI laboratories are very well equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, with the help of which, an experienced team of highly qualified Gemmologists engaged in Gem Testing Laboratories, are responsible to maintain the credibility and high standards of the Gemmological reports issued by IDI Gemmological Laboratories.


In the recent market scenario, with the penetration of synthetic diamond in the diamond trade, IDI in joint association with GJEPC had launched the facility of screening & detection of synthetic diamonds through IDI-Diamond Detection & Resource Centre (IDI-DDRC) with the aim of providing fast, easy and reliable detection.


All the laboratory services offered by IDI are at a very reasonable rate, as compared to other laboratories operating in the field, for the benefit all customers including layman as well as G&J Trade on no profit no loss basis.


Reports issued by IDI Gemmological laboratories are credible & in real sense promotes the advantage of Third Party Certification concept



  • Synthetic Diamond Detection
  • Diamond Screening & its Identification
  • Natural Diamond Grading Report
  • Packet Lot Certification (Star & Melee)
  • Lab Grown Diamond Grading Report


  • Natural Diamond Jewellery Quality Report
  • Model Making on Rapid Prototyping (CAM)
  • Computerised Gold Purity Analysis (XRF)
  • Lab Grown Diamond Jewellery Quality Report


  • Gemstone Identification Report (Loose)
  • Gemstone Identification Report (Studded)