• The institute is committed to providing quality services in the fields of training and consultancy and be of service to the Gem and Jewellery industry both in India and abroad.
  • The institute shall constantly endeavour to upgrade the technology and equipment available with it to the international standards.
  • The institute shall work towards creating lasting bonds with similar institutions of international repute in order to make available to Indian industry with the latest techniques and capabilities available in the global market place.
  • The training offered by the institute shall inculcate industry orientation and practical approach among the students so that they are of ready use to the industry.
  • The institute shall constantly enlarge its scope of consultancy services to address technology up gradation, industry specific requirements and related services so as to emerge as a major source of knowledge base for the Gem and Jewellery industry.
  • In its constant pursuit for quality in all activities, the institute shall establish and maintain a quality management system to ISO 9001:2008 standard.
  • The institute shall also train and empower its staff in order to achieve its objectives set in this policy statement.
  • To fulfil its mission, IDI is constantly working towards the modernisation of its machinery, updating staff knowledge by way of providing them training onto latest developments & technologies, procurement of machineries based on latest technology, hardware & software to meet the needs of the trade & industry. Overs the years, IDI has developed a distinctive identity.