Chairman of IDI
Shri Aagam C. Sanghavi
w.e.f. 10-02-2010

It was 10th February 2010 when a letter of appointment for 6 members nominated by Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) as the Governing Body members of IDI was received from Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India.
They are :

Shri Vasant Mehta, Shri Rajiv Jain, Shri Aagam Sanghavi, Shri Chandrakant R. Sanghavi, Shri Pankaj Parikh and Shri Govindbhai Dholakia.

Also, an approval from Government was conveyed to the institute for Mr. Aagam C. Sanghavi to be the Chairman of IDI w.e.f 10th February 2010.

While introducing Shri Aagam Sanghavi as the incoming Chairman, Shri K.K. Sharma, Executive Director gave his educational & professional background as also challenges & the opportunities before the institute, such as the City Centre at Vesu to be commissioned very soon and IDI being selected by Government of Gujarat as an Anchor meant to disseminate jewellery making technology, in whole of the Gujarat state, etc. He also apprised Shri Sanghavi of a new project, in all likely to come to IDI from Government of India, opening an African Diamond Institute in one of the African countries such as Botswana, DRC, Tanzania, etc.

A press conference was organized to mark the handling / taking over ceremony on 11th February at IDI- conference room, during which Shri Aagam gave his visions for the new upcoming City Centre of IDI as also for IDI as a whole, particularly in the areas of certification of diamonds, gemstones & jewellery. He stressed on popularizing the reports / certificates issued by IDI-Gem Testing Lab and also on how City Centre could be well raised so as to make it the world’s best learing centre in the field of Jewellery Design & Manufacture. While thanking the press he sought their support in highlighting the features & activities of IDI, as the institute really deserved it for being the Best today in the field from infrastructure point of view and its capability to handle education & training activities very satisfactorily as well as take on future challenges. In fact, he anticipated the benefits to come to industry from IDI more increasingly.

Shri Chandrakant Sanghavi, the outgoing Chairman wished the institute all its best, also the incumbent Chairman best of luck in his tenure saying that he had all the more confidence in Aagam. He further added that he would bring about new concepts, new ideas and all that, are needed for the Gems & Jewellery Industry today. Finally, both, the immediate Past & the Present Chairman were given warm receptions by the institute & staff for the best of services already rendered by Shri C.R. Sanghavi as Chairman of IDI for more than 12 years & to Shri Aagam Sanghavi, best wishes on the occasion of taking over as Chairman of IDI.

Shri Sharma, Executive Director appreciated in particular the immediate Past President, Shri C.R. Sanghavi for his best of support and guidance in his long tenure. He also expressed all the hopes from the new Chairman, in building up the image of IDI, in time to come.

Shri Govindbhai Dholakia, one of the governing body members was also present during the function & graced the occasion very heartily.


In all 200 students, including gold medalists to 13 meritorious students, were awarded Diploma certificates at the 31st annual convocation-cum-foundation day of the Indian Diamond Institute, held at IDI auditorium in Surat. Speaking at the function yesterday, Chairman of the IDI Chandrakant Sanghavi praised the college for providing education matching to international requirements. He asked students to mix technology with knowledge received if they wanted to excel in future.

'''Surat has emerged as a potential market for diamond jewellery and so a City Centre will be developed by the IDI in a 40,000 sq ft of built up campus at a Vesu at cost of Rs 12 crores. The center will have world-class teaching services about gem grading and education of gems and jewellery as a whole. The IDI also wants to expand its educational & Laboratory services activities at Ahmedabad and Delhi,'' Mr Sanghavi added.
Chairman of Sanghavi Export International Pvt. Ltd., Shri Vasant Sanghavi who was also the Chief Guest of the function said, ''To educate more and more people about gems, a special five-day course named Jewellery Professional Programme (JPP) may be started by the IDI in coming days, to which, Mr. K.K. Sharma, Executive Director acknowledged positively before the function got concluded.

The course will be such that any jeweller or trader would easily grasp it and it will be organized even for a group of jewellers at any given place. If the group is of 15-20 people, the course can be offered anywhere in the country.

To exhibit the ability of the IDI students, a jewellery fashion show, Golden Trendz, was organised in the college. Models ramped in the show wearing designs prepared by the students ranging from silver, gold to pearls. The show was divided in four parts EXOTICA, VIBRANT, MENZO, SANSKRITI to showcase modern as well as traditional designs.

Though 200 students were awarded certificates, a handful of them decided for a job, while most of them, aspired to become entrepreneurs. This was primarily because, very few students have been offered jobs by the diamond companies due to the recession.

Others renowned figures present in the function were Shri C.P. Vanani, President, Surat Diamond Association, Shri Kirtibhai Shah, a Corporator from Surat Municipal Corporation, Shri Janak Mistry from Lexus Machine, Shri C.D. Kaushik, Ex. P.F Commissioner, Shri Deepakbhai Choksi from D. Khusaldas Jewellers.




Indian Diamond Institute (IDI), Surat was set up in 1978 jointly by Government of India, Government of Gujarat & GJEPC. It has been always active in training professionals for varied needs for Gems & Jewellery Trade & Industry and within a span of 30 years, IDI has made available more than 30,000 trained professionals through its various Diploma & Certificate courses related to Diamond, Gems & Jewellery.. It has also been responsible for training many Jewellers, all over country through its special tailor-made programme named Out Bound Training programme (OTP). More than 3000 Jewellers have been trained by now Diamond Grading & Gemstone Identification, which is a matter of great pride for IDI.

IDI has also an Assaying & Hall Marking Center (AHMC) duly recognised by Bureau of Indian Standard( BIS). Its Diamond & Gem Testing Laboratory is the most advance lab in the country accredited by Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India also the only lab to have ISO 9001:2000 certified stature amongst the Indian labs in the field. 

However, the most coveted programme of the institute is its multi-semester (6 Semesters) Diploma course in Diamond, Gems & Jewellery Design & Manufacture that started long back in June, 2000. This programme has been designed with the aim of developing jewellery designer/ Jewellery Product Controllers with Jewellery Designing concept both, manual as well as computer aided, 2-dimensional & 3-dimensional and also technical drawing, properties of precious metals. Candidates go through intensive practical training in hand made & cast jewellery manufacturing techniques, metal work & fabrication, stone setting, Jewellery chain making & Bangle Making, finishing, enameling, jewellery repairing, metal refining. They are also given knowledge of polished diamond grading, colour gemstone identification, industrial engineering and import-export procedures apart from live projects, seminars workshops and assignments on business study & market research. A trained person can work as an independent consultant or secure a job with jewellery manufactures/traders.

With a view to gain All India recognition for this course, the Institute had applied last year in 2007 for the approval of the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). It is heartening to mention that Indian Diamond Institute, Surat has been duly granted approval by AICTE, and also simultaneously by the Directorate of Higher Technical Education, Gujarat State for conducting its Diploma course in Diamond Gems & Jewellery Design and Manufacture.

Geared up with this qualification IDI, Surat will function with added vigour to keep its promises to the youths, especially women and the jewellery industry to provide with much need professional work force to take our country to the higher levels of growth, in this ever growing and one of the highest export-oriented industry of our country. 




Three new & innovative programmes are being started at IDI from April 2009, aimed at directly enabling learners in a preferred area to get specialized & pass on to the Gem & Jewellery Industry. This, we may deem it as a tool for Technical transfer. These programmes are:

Programme Name


Fees (Rs)

 Accredited Diamond Grading Laboratory Professional (ADGLP)



Certified Diamond Grader (CDG)



Refresher Course on Gem Stone Identification



Advance Refresher Course on Diamond Grading



Basic Refresher course on Diamond Grading



These area actually  meant for those who have already gained sufficient experience in a given field / area. Nevertheless, freshers may also join within some orientation at IDI.

However, in the today's scenario, even the experienced lots also needed to be updated with the latest inputs helpful in the daily doings.

IDI has timely sensed the call of the day & accordingly, its training planners have come out with new designs in respect of course contents & training methodology.

The prospective takers could be the jewellers, consultants, traders and diamond graders working in diamond export offices in India & overseas & the gemmologists who are half way in their professional approach.

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