Out Bound Training Programmes

Out-Bound Training Programmes

The institute has also developed the concept of Outbound Training Programmes tailored to the industry's needs, which are being conducted continuously in almost all important cities like Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai etc. So far institute has trained nearly 2300 jewellers all over the country.

Apart from the above, institute has also imparted training to corporates including blue chip companies like:

        Bhavani Gems, Mumbai

        Bhargovi Gems, Surat

        C. Krishnachetty & Sons, Bangalore

        D. Navinchandra & Co.,Mumbai

        Davariya Brothers, Surat

        Godhani Gems, Surat

        J.B. Diamonds, Surat

        Jewel Star, Surat

        K.G. Group of Companies,

        Karp Impex, Surat

        K. Ayush & Co.,Surat

        Laxmi Diamonds Surat

        Mani Exports, Surat

        NIFT, Gandhinagar

        Sahajanand Laser Technology, Ahmedabad

        Sahil Gems, Mumbai

        Sanghavi Diamond Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd., Surat

        Shree Ramkrishna Exports, Surat

        Shrenuj & Co., Mumbai

        Shairu Gems, Surat

        Sheetal Diamond Mfg. Co Ltd.

        Star Rays, Surat. Mumbai

        Tapti Exports, Surat

        Hari Krishna Export, Surat

        Vishinda Diamond

        Dharmanandan Diamond

        D. Navinchandra & Co.,Navsari

        Zadaphiya Brothers, Surat

        H.Vinodkumar & co.,Mumbai

        Su-Raj Diamond, Surat and many more ....

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